Astrology Clinic

Welcome to the Magnum Opus Astrology Clinic! The 30-minute clinic will meet by teleseminar every month. From time to time, we’ll look at special topics: natal astrology, choosing good times (elections), relationship charts, making astrological talismans, and more. But the focus of this clinic will be on a unique branch of astrology called horary.

In horary, you ask a burning question, and then I cast a chart for the moment that he understand the issue. The principle behind horary is that a question is “born” in dialogue with the astrologer, who acts as midwife to the question. And the chart for that moment contains the answer!

As a subscriber, you may submit a question to be considered for the clinic. If your question is selected, your identity will remain confidential.But I do ask that you participate in the seminar.

A few days before the clinic, I’ll send out an announcement with the teleseminar information and a link to the chart.

Do you have a pressing question: Is she my true love? Will my holiday be enjoyable? Will I get the job? Why don’t you use the form below to submit it for the Astrology Clinic?

If your need is urgent or the question is very important, you should consider a paid horary reading. Paid readings always receive priority. Given time constraints, only a small number of free reading requests can be answered.

Please be concise. This increases accuracy.

In 2-3 paragraphs, please tell me about the matter at hand.


If you have any questions, please contact me at

Kindest regards,

Dr. Christopher Magnus