Boy or girl?

Querent: T.

Question: Am I carrying a boy or a girl?

Background: I am pregnant, about 7 weeks now and I would like to know if it is a boy or a girl. We have a daughter already. I will definitely report what the gender is (once the ultrasound confirms it).

Chart data:
August 8, 2011
10:10 AM EDT
Long Beach, NY

Ascendant: 4 Libra 22
Moon: 12 Sagittarius 59

Day of: Moon
Hour of: Mars

Dear T.,

Congratulations! Blessings on you and your family as you prepare to welcome this child.

I drew up your horary chart at the time that I understood your question.

You are signified by the 1st house (4 Libra 22) and Venus/1-ruler in the 11th house at 13 Leo 31. The Moon at 12 Sagittarius 59 is your co-significator and generally shows the process of conception and growth. The child is signified by the 5th house (10 Aquarius 49) and Saturn/5-ruler in the 1st house at 12 Libra 57.

The chart does indicate pregancy. The ruler of the 5th house (= the child), Saturn, is located in the 1st house, which in pregnancy questions signifies the querent’s body. It is what the clearest of pregnancy charts show: the child in the mother’s body. Very descriptive!

Furthermore, the Moon in the 3rd house – with the North Node, promising increase – separates (by a mere 2 minutes arc!) from a sextile of Saturn and applies immediately to a trine of Venus/1-ruler. The Moon brings the child to you. Another confirmation of fact.

William Lilly, the great horary master, says that if the Moon separates from a sextile of any planet – in this case, fittingly, your child’s significator – the pregnancy is in the second month. As you say, you are in your 7th week,. This is further evidence that the chart accurately describes the situation. This makes me more confident that the testimonies to the baby’s sex can be trusted.

The horary method for determining a baby’s sex is a straightforward one: we look at the gender of the planetary significators as well as their sign and house placements. The scores are tallied and the more attested gender tells you the sex of the child. Here’s what we find in your chart:

Arguments for a girl

  1. Ascendant Ruler: Venus = Feminine
  2. Hour Ruler Sign: Cancer = Feminine
  3. Hour Ruler House: 10th = Feminine

Arguments for a boy

  1. Ascendant Sign: Libra = Masculine
  2. Ascendant Ruler Sign: Leo = Masculine
  3. Ascendant Ruler House: 11th = Masculine
  4. 5th House Sign: Aquarius = Masculine
  5. 5th House Ruler: Saturn = Masculine
  6. 5th House Ruler Sign: Libra = Masculine
  7. 5th House Ruler House: 1st = Masculine
  8. Hour Ruler: Mars = Masculine
  9. Moon Sign: Sagittarius = Masculine
  10. Moon to: Venus in Leo = Masculine
  11. Moon House: 3rd = Masculine

We have 3 testimonies to a girl, but 11 testimonies – and all of the weighty ones – to a boy.

It appears that you are carrying a boy.

Please do let us know the results of the ultrasound. And I wish you the very best!

– Dr. Chris Magnus


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