NCGR Philadelphia Lecture Handout

For participants in my Fundamentals of Traditional Horary class, here is the link to the handout: HoraryWorkshopMainHandout.

Here is the data for the chart that we looked at in depth:

Querent: D.G.

Question: “Is there a future in this relationship?”

Background: The querent and the man in question have known each other casually for several years, from a recovery group. They are both single. Recently, the man has started to show more interest in her, and she does find him interesting and attractive. She also wonders if he might make a potential business partner, even if a romantic relationship isn’t in the cards.

Chart data:

22 November 2006
7:51 PM EST
Elmhurst, NY

ASC: 19 Cancer 30
Moon: 25 Sagittarius 20

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