Will they honor the settlement?

The outcome of a question doesn’t always depend on the significators being strong in essential dignities.

If it matters more that the main players in a question can actually do something, and less that they are “good” (adjusted for context), then we hope to see strong accidental dignities (house strength, speed, incombustion, and especially angularity). Without vigorous accidental strength – quantity as contrasted with quality – nothing will happen. If the essential dignities are strong, all the better. But weak or even bad essential dignities will help us build up our picture of the parties involved and enhance description,. This is critical for establishing chart radicality. And even poor essential dignity can be the basis of mutual reception.

Here is a client chart (used with permission) that illustrates my point. The querent had settled a sizable debt with a major credit card company, via a collection agency. The querent’s $7000 check had cleared, but two months on, various snafus on both sides made it look as if the settlement had never been concluded. The querent feared that the collection agency had taken the money and run.

“Will the creditor honor the settlement?”

Ascendant: 17 Aries 23
Moon: 7 Capricorn 33

Mars/1-ruler, signifying the querent, is in Fall in Cancer. The creditor’s significator is Venus/7-ruler in Fall in Virgo. Venus and Mars, being rulers of the 2nd and 8th Houses, also represent the assets of the querent and the creditor.

In terms of essential dignity, both principal significators are in a bad way. Each is in Fall, and each side has dropped the ball. To make matters worse, Venus is separating from a sextile of Mars, which argues against a happy resolution. And the Sun is in Fall in Libra, setting on the querent’s hopes.

But note well the Moon. Although in detriment, she is powerfully angular and elevated on the Midheaven. She separates by a mere 5 minutes arc from an opposition of Mars/1-ruler (also strongly angular on the Imum Coeli) and applies forcefully to a trine of Venus/7-ruler. It is a classic translation of light, made effective by the angularity of both Mars and more especially, the Moon, who receives Mars into her domicile, while Mars takes her into his exaltation.

As the Moon is the ruler of the 4th House “end of the matter,” a speedy resolution is promised – thanks to the trine of Moon and Venus and their affinity by sect. More to the point, the Moon rules the 5th House of agents: that is, the collection agency. The moment the collection agency accepted the querent’s payment, they became his agent. The Moon’s bad zodiacal state in Capricorn indicates some kind of corruption or disorder, but in the end the collection agency abides by the rule of law (Saturn/10-ruler receives the Moon into his domicile, through a trine aspect).

I was much relieved to tell the querent that the creditor would quickly find the lost money. The judgment is supported by a trine to the Ascendant from Jupiter beautifully dignified in the 9th House – our single nod to essential dignity.

Within two day, the creditor was able to trace the querent’s account to a out-of-state branch office, who reached the collection agency and finalized the settlement.

Had I made the mistake of leaning too hard on the essential dignities, I would have gotten the judgment wrong. In this chart, the only planets with honors are Jupiter in Sagittarius (who helps in the matter) and an unfortunate Mars, who nevertheless rules the water triplicity.

In other words, this question was propounded under a “bad sky.” But good things can still happen in bad weather, as here.

The lesson: Don’t forget the real world! Always try to grasp the essence of the question, which will tell you a lot about what is needed for the matter at hand to work out. If the outcome depends on everyone being healthy, high-minded or well-disposed, then work through the essential dignities. But if it depends more on occasion and ability to act, then rock-solid accidental dignity is what you need, even if you have next to nothing else to help you.

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