Should I proceed with the merger?

Proceed with merger?Should I proceed with the merger?

Asc: 06 Scorpio 58
Moon: 16 Capricorn 59
Day of: Saturn
Hour of: Sun


The querent runs a small marketing business. She works alone, and without support the business has grown slowly. Her income is good but not great. The isolation is also difficult. Recently, a larger franchise in another town has invited her to merge her business with theirs. It is a family business. She hopes to build her sales and have more support. But she is concerned that the initial pay cut will be too steep and that the work environment will be stressful. The deeper issue is that she is not happy in the marketing/PR field. She is a part-time practicing astrologer with many years of experience and wants to make a career of it. Will the business venture take her further from that dream?

Considerations before judgment:

  1. Hour ruler Sun (hot/dry) agrees in temperament with Mars/Lord 1 (hot/dry).
  2. Saturn afflicts the Ascendant, suggesting besetting cares. Lilly says of this that the matter rarely comes to good (CA 123). It’s difficult to pull yourself out of a rut when your head is stuck in one.


  1. Querent: Mars/Lord 1 peregrine at 11 Leo applying to the MC; Moon in detriment at 16 Capricorn in the 3rd house.
  2. The business: Sun/Lord 10 peregrine at 21 Virgo in the 11th.
  3. The partners: Venus/Lord 7 in detriment at 3 Scorpio on the Ascendant.

First impressions

The first thing to draw our attention is the presence of malefics on the angles having signification in the question: Saturn and Venus in detriment on the Ascendant, Mars on the Midheaven, and the South Node on the Descendant. This is a major red flag that already makes us doubtful of a good outcome.

The querent

The Ascendant (6 Scorpio 58) is much afflicted, particularly by Saturn (8 Scorpio 20). It gives a clear picture of the querent’s feeling lonely and care-worn. Saturn’s partile conjunction with the North Node (8 Scorpio 49), moreover, deepens the despondency and may be indicative that the querent is discontented by more than just her work environment.

The querent’s significator Mars/Lord 1 (11 Leo 05) is fittingly placed at the Midheaven (14 Leo 21) – a picture of her interest in the prospective business venture and career issues generally. But the querent gains nothing from this, as Mars is peregrine and receives no support from the benefics.

Her co-significator the Moon’s (16 Capricorn 59) condition is also telling. The Moon’s essential debility (detriment) would, of course, be problematic in any question. With her dispositor Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in the sign of the Moon’s fall, the chart makes us all the more aware of the querent’s current unhappiness. It is no wonder that she is casting about for a change of scenery. It is a rather desperate picture – much more than she lets on –, and I am concerned that the very fast Moon (14:23 degrees per diem!) shows her acting precipitously.

Paradoxically, the Moon in the 3rd house is also in her Joy. This could mean that the querent enjoys (joy) certain 3rd house activities – astrological consulting and teaching, for example – but feels shackled (detriment) by other 3rd house matters that consume most of her time.

Her finances

The querent’s finances are signified by the 2nd house (5 Sagittarius 44) and Jupiter (16 Cancer 11) exalted in the 9th house. Jupiter’s exaltation cannot mean that she makes a lot of money, since we know already that her income is “good, not great”. What makes better sense is that her income cannot get any better than it is now, at least by means of this proposed venture. The only change would be for the worse.

The Moon’s aspects support this understanding, as they portray what transpires should the querent throw her fortunes in with the proposed venture. The Moon has just now separated – by only minutes – from the opposition of Jupiter. She now applies to trine the Sun/Lord 10, significator of the business, who is in a barren sign which also happens to be destructive to Jupiter affairs. In short, our unhappy querent (Moon in detriment) would be leaving a dependable situation (Jupiter in exaltation) to take a sterile job that will not support her (Sun peregrine in Virgo). She is already fretting over the pay cut, but I would wager that this is more than she is bargaining for.

The business venture

The Midheaven and Sun/Lord 10 (21 Virgo 56) are the business venture. Mars afflicts the Midheaven and, through his essential nature, augurs strife in the workplace. The Sun is quite powerfully placed in the 11th, house of the querent’s good faith, but this is not all for the good. The Sun is peregrine, suggesting that the merger is poorly conceived. Additionally, his dispositor Mercury/Lord 11 (8 Libra 36) – significator of business profit (2nd from the 10th) – is conjunct the Sun’s contra-antiscion while taking him into his fall. I am also concerned that Mercury is conjunct Vindemiatrix, the “Gatherer of Grapes”, which describes injury, separation, and loss from overreaching (Robson, Fixed Stars, pp. 214-15). This argues, once again, that the income generated by the venture will disappoint her.

The business partners

The other party is represented by the 7th house (6 Taurus 58) and Venus/Lord 7 (3 Scorpio 51). The South Node afflicts the Descendant, a warning that the new work environment could be draining or depressing. With Venus/Lord 7 applying to a conjunction of the Ascendant, knocking at her door, so to speak, it is clear that the other party is being very – perhaps, excessively – solicitous. Given other chart testimonies, we would rather see Venus in trine or sextile the Ascendant. This is a business proposal, not a love affair.

The significators of the two parties – Mars/Lord 1 and Venus/Lord 7 – are within orb of a square, which indicates the stresses involved in trying to conclude the merger. The aspect meets with prohibitions which appear to show the specific nature of those stresses. First, Mercury/Lord 11, who is in a sign harmful to Mars, will sextile Mars. This might describe the querent reckoning with the financial realities of the merger, or, using Mercury’s natural signification, contractual terms unfavorable to her. Second, Venus/Lord 7 will conjunct Saturn at the Ascendant. This leads me to think that the other party would eventually come to regret the merger themselves, probably as they start to sense the querent’s waning enthusiasm for the advertising industry.

Of course, these prohibitions might be more predictive than advisory in nature. If so, the message would be, “The merger isn’t going forward. Here’s why.”

The astrology practice

The querent is rueful that she cannot do astrology full-time instead of marketing. The chart describes this eloquently through the Moon/9-ruler’s debilitated placement in the 3rd house. With the Moon also acting as the querent’s co-significator, it is as if she pines for what beckons her from the other side of the chart. The Moon’s dispositor Saturn afflicts the Ascendant, telling us how heavily this weighs on her mind.

We are pleased to find Jupiter exalted in the 9th house, as this is favorable to the querent’s study of astrology. Additionally, the chart certainly does not deny an income from astrology, as Jupiter rules her 2nd house and her Part of Fortune (2 Pisces 02). It also rules her 5th house (17 Pisces 14), casting a trine to the 5th cusp – a source of pleasure and a creative outlet.

Yet it is the Moon’s separating and applying aspects that tell the story. To wit: the Moon/Lord 9 in detriment in the 3rd separates from the sharpest of oppositions to Jupiter, a highly dignified benefic in the 9th, and next applies to trine the Sun/Lord 10 peregrine in the 11th, in a sign inimical to Jupiter. So, yes, the chart shows promise for her astrology, particularly through the testimony of Jupiter. It also makes it clear that following through with the new business plan would only take her farther from it.


The prospective business partners are aggressively courting the querent and are probably putting on their best appearances. The querent is advised to proceed with great caution. Their organization has significant problems, likely having to do with the team itself, and the merger would add to her stress and create bigger financial worries than she foresees. They would also be troubled by her diffidence towards the work, which shows no signs of abating after the proposed merger. While her astrology practice is shown to have some promise, this venture would take her even further from realizing it.

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