Squaring off with the agent…

My partner and I had scheduled a much needed 4-day out of town trip to New Orleans – my first break from work since last November. At 4:50 a.m. on our departure date (May 17), an agent from the airline woke us with the bad news that our morning flight had been cancelled because of a mechanical problem. I was annoyed but not hostile (so my partner attests!), and very groggy. Unfortunately, the agent didn’t like my attitude one bit and let me have it! It took me completely by surprise – a clue that the astrology would probably tell the tale.

We don’t have to dig very deep to see what’s going on. The Ascendant is at 12 Taurus 35, and the Sun is in the 1st House, exactly conjunct Algol, a fixed star that has the unfortunate effect of making you lose your cool. Irritable Mars also squares the Ascendant from the 5th House of holidays and recreation. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t all sweetness and light!

My main significator is Venus at 26 Gemini 48 in the 2nd House, conjunct the Part of Fortune. My mind was on losing both precious time and some of the value of my investment in the vacation package. Venus has no essential dignity (= peregrine) and isn’t well placed in the 2nd House, so I’m basically powerless and out of my comfort zone.

The agent gets the 6th House at 24 Virgo 03. Saturn is very close to the 6th House cusp, so it makes sense to take Saturn for the agent’s main significator. By nature, Saturn shows sullen persons, denies pleasure, slows things down and basically tends to say “no!”. Here, Saturn is weakened by being retrograde – perhaps the agent wasn’t at his best (or maybe a repeat offender?). He is also in Virgo, the sign of Venus’ Fall, a configuration that often shows excessive dislike. And so it was.

Tellingly, Venus and Saturn mutually apply to an unfriendly square aspect. Squares participate in the irascible nature of Mars. And this square, being in Mercury signs, accurately describes a verbal, rather than physical, quarrel.

The agent’s supervisor ultimately stepped in, at my request. She is, I think, signified by Saturn’s ruler Mercury. Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception, showing reciprocal hospitality. The supervisor was, in fact, very gracious and apologetic, even though she couldn’t do anything to get us to New Orleans any faster.

And what about getting to New Orleans? As it turns out, Venus’ square of Saturn (the agent) doesn’t complete before Venus first square’s Jupiter in Pisces: the Big Easy, at the water’s edge! So, we’ll eventually get to our destination (these things do tend to work out).

But the application is by square, and Jupiter rules the unfortunate 8th and 12th Houses. Furthermore, the Moon is void of course and conjunct the South Node in the 3rd House: things will go forward with difficulty. We should expect even further delays.

As it turned out, our departure was delayed until the mid-afternoon. Then, our connecting flight has mechanical problems, too! We were 9 hours late getting to our hotel. But in the end, jolly Jupiter in Pisces still came through and made les bons temps rouler!

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