Three Questions, One Chart

Today, I took three requests for complimentary horary readings within about three minutes of each other. The differences in time aren’t significant, in this case at least, so we can use a single chart to answer all three question:

Chart data:

March 19, 2012
8:57:18 AM EDT

ASC: 15 Taurus 12     Moon: 24 Aquarius 07

I am short on time today, so I will need to bottom-line my analysis, giving only the most significant arguments.

Question 1: Will I get a job soon?
Querent: G.J.C. – “I have been unemployed since September last year, I have been sending out applications with no reply.”

It depends on what you mean by “soon”. The chart looks promising before the end of summer, especially if you are really being diligent about your job search. Your main significator, Venus, is exactly conjunct the Ascendant and strong in her own sign Taurus. It’s always good to have a dignified benefic lending assistance. On the other hand, since your significator is in your house (the 1st) in a fixed sign, it does make me wonder if you need to get out and pound the pavement, in addition to sending out resumés.

Saturn rules the 10th house and signifies the prospective job. Venus receives Saturn into her sign Libra, which generates favor towards you. At the same time, your co-significator Moon carries the light of Venus to a rather good mutual trine with Saturn. This would describe a successful outcome.

For timing, we look at the number of degrees until the trine is spot on: almost exactly 4 degrees. This gives 4 units of time, but in a fixed sign in a succedent house, hence months, but they’ll feel like ages. Some time might be shaved off because Saturn is retrograde. I believe that you’ll find work in about 4 months or a bit less. If it turns out to be just 4 weeks, all the better!

Question 2: Will I enjoy financial security?
Querent: N.P. – “I am self supporting after 25yr marriage a divorce I didn’t want. I lost my job 3yrs ago. I am working at a dental school in my area. Luv it but the pay isn’t great. Will I meet all my financial obligations and still be able to enjoy life a little?”

It seems to me that your finances will not improve until you find a new job. You are represented here by Venus in highest honors (in her own sign Taurus), conjunct the Ascendant. It’s always good to have a strong benefic planet on your side. But here Venus’ effectiveness is tied to the 1st house – she is completely dependent on you taking action to make things better.

Your finances are signified by Mercury, ruler of the 2nd. Mercury isn’t so well placed, being retrograde in the challenging 12th house, where planets struggle to be effective. Your job is shown by 10th house ruler Saturn retrograde in Libra. Now, Mercury is in Aries, a sign in which Saturn’s effects are corrupted. This suggests that your job may pay the bills, but it won’t be so good for you financially in the long run.

Will you be able to meet your financial obligations? Yes, since Mercury is in a mutual reception with Mars, ruler of the 7th house (= creditors). However, Mercury is under the sunbeams and will soon be combust, when the Sun moves into Aries. It is likely that you will soon face new expenses. The Sun rules the 5th house, so these expenses may be related to children or even recreation; so don’t go spending a lot of money on a cruise right now!

As for enjoying your life: the chart’s focus is on getting your house in order, economizing and looking for a job that pays better. With the 1st house being the best in the chart, you will most likely find the most enjoyment closer to home, especially in activities that focus on you, improve your health and enhance your well-being.


Question 3: Should I litigate against the housing authority?
Querent: M.P. – “I live in subsidized housing and they told me that if my husband moves back in I have to move out. I dont think legally they can do this so I would have to get a lawyer. He was seeing a psychiatrist at one point and he had him on meds that were making him act crazy. We were fighting alot. He is now off all those meds and seeing a new psychiatrist. I told them this and they said they still didnt want him here.”

First, let me translate your question as follows: “What will happen if I take the housing authority to court?” To my eyes, the chart (as well as the ADA!) favors you over the housing authority, and I think that you would win the case.

You are signified by Venus, ruler of the Ascendant. This is already a good sign, since Venus is right on the Ascendant in fixed Taurus. This argues that you’ll be able to stay put. I take Jupiter – ruler of the difficult 12th house – to signify your husband, since he is conjunct your signifier Venus. Jupiter is almost too far away from the Ascendant to be considered a 1st house planet. You could say that Jupiter has to go through Venus to get to the 1st house; this does seem correspond to the fact that your husband’s access to your residence really does depend on your actions and decisions.

We give the housing authority to the 7th house of legal adversaries. The housing authority is represented by Mars peregrine, retrograde and void of course in the 5th house. Mars is in Virgo, which is the sign of Venus’ fall and Jupiter’s detriment, while Venus and Jupiter are in the sign of Mars’ detriment; concurrently, Venus and Mars have separated from a recent trine. It is a picture of open, mutual hostility. What’s important, though, is that your significator Venus is much, much stronger than theirs, so you would clearly have the upper hand in a court case.

The hypothetical judge is signified by Saturn, ruler of the 10th house. The judge is exalted, though retrograde, in Libra in the 6th house. In Libra, Saturn is ruled by Venus – your significator – and is in the detriment of Mars, significator of the housing authority. The judge can be trusted to follow the law and would strongly favor your case and take a dim view of the housing authority’s actions.

The Moon, ruler of the 4th house, represents the verdict itself. The Moon applies to Saturn, the judge’s signifier. Since the judge is ruled by Venus, the verdict goes to you.

Your position is so strong that it might only take a letter from your lawyer to get them to back down!

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Dr. Christopher Magnus May 12, 2012 at 10:37 pm

With reference to Question 3, the querent wrote: “I wanted to thank you for the free horary reading you did for me regarding litigation. I’ve sent housing an email and mentioned that I spoke with legal aid. I got a reply email telling me to have my husband come in to sign the necessary paperwork. Thank you so much!! I will definitely utilize the $60.00 dollar horary reading the next time I have a question! I will also spread the word about your site! Take care 🙂 ” – M.P.

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