When will I conceive?

The Querent (K.) writes:  We have been trying to have a baby for a while and it doesn’t seem to be happening. I have been to the doctor and they say both of us are fine. I have had a miscarriage also. Is there something doctors aren’t seeing? Can you please tell me when it’ll happen?

When will I conceive?

January 30, 2011
7:27:14 am EST +5
Long Beach, NY

Dear K.,
I am very sorry to hear that you have faced difficulties with conceiving. Sadly, it is a common problem, and while that makes it no easier for you personally, it does mean that there is much help and support to be found. Being quite young at 19 years of age, you also have the resource of time and happily, as you say, good health to see you through your present challenges.

I do not practice medical astrology, which is a specific method of diagnosis and treatment using an astrological chart for the illness or condition. The chart that I have set up for your question is a simple horary focusing on the likelihood of a pregnancy in the near future and general, pertinent advice.

The chart is very clear that conceiving a child is going to be a challenge, probably for medical reasons that need treatment. But, there is some promise of pregnancy in 2011, although I do believe that you ought to consult an Ob Gyn or another specialist.

You are signified by the Ascendant ruler Saturn. Saturn, your main significator, has a lot going for him. He’s in his Exaltation, falls in the terms of Jupiter, and is linked to the Ascendant by a strong trine. I feel this shows that you are in basically good health and that your current setbacks are a temporary reversal.

But there are problems with Saturn that give me pause. Saturn is by nature an unsuitable signifier for a young women in her reproductive prime. He is located in the 8th house, a place where its hard for life to take hold, and has recently turned retrograde there. Retrograde planets are rarely strong enough to “receive virtue” – that is, to hold onto to what is given to them – from other planets that aspect them. Saturn is also a cold & dry planet in a hot & moist, rather fertile sign (Libra). All of this argues that something is interfering with your ability to conceive or carry to term.

Children are signified by the 5th house and its ruler. In this chart, the 5th house is occupied by the destructive South Node in Cancer, a very fertile sign. This is a classic and well-documented testimony to problems with reproductive health.

Mercury rules the 5th house and is therefore the main signifier of children/conception. Mercury is separating by just under 6 degrees from a hard aspect (square) of Saturn. This would show a recent and difficult pregnancy. On the positive side, Saturn does receive Mercury into its own sign, which shows a good beginning to things. But Mercury is not well placed, out of his comfort zone in this part of Capricorn and in the 12th house of difficult and hidden matters. With Saturn retrograde and the separation being by several degrees, I believe that this shows your recent miscarriage 9 months ago. Usually, I would expect that 6 degrees of separation would give 6 months, but Saturn being retrograde will stretch the time out.

The Moon, the co-signifier of the matter at hand, is also the ruler of the 6th house of illness and physical debility. The Moon is in the 11th house separating by just a few degrees from a conjunction with Venus, both in Sagittarius (a “rather fertile” sign). I do like seeing the Moon and Venus together — it’s a nice, feminine configuration. But the Moon is at the sign boundary and will momentarily slip into Capricorn, a sign indifferent to conception and also a place where the Moon has some serious constitutional problems. This kind of configuration frequently shows the querent working hard to take advantage of an opportunity before it slips away. It suggests to me that you’re struggling to keep your hopes up but are on the verge of finding that something isn’t working quite right.

Here is where the good news starts. The Moon separates from a conjunction with Venus and applies (out of sign) to a square of Jupiter in his terms in Aries. As it happens, Mercury also applies – at the limits of moiety and out of sign – to a sextile of Jupiter. We say that Jupiter “collects the light” of the Moon and Mercury/5-ruler.

The great medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti says that in a case like this, “see if the Lord of the Ascendant (or the Moon) and the Lord of the 5th are joined to some other planet who is heavier than they; because he will collect the light of both, and will be the receiver of the disposition, and he will be the significator of children, whether they ought to live or not.”

In other words, Jupiter takes over from Mercury to signify future pregnancy. Jupiter is strong in his terms (a sign of physical health), direct in motion, free of the worst afflictions and rules good houses. Following Bonatti, this gives a strong hope that you will enjoy a successful pregnancy. Mercury perfects its sextile of Jupiter in 9 degrees. This suggests a window of about 9 months, give or take.

The key to this, however, is that some things have to change. I say this because both the Moon and Mercury have to change sign to complete the collection of light with Jupiter.

What sort of changes might you be looking at?

First, I would suggest that, if you have only seen a general practitioner, you should definitely think about taking the issue to a specialist/Ob Gyn.

Second, the Moon’s placement in the 11th house (i.e., in opposition to the 5th) with Venus counsels against too much physical recreation and, of course, harmful habits like drinking, etc. Obvious advice, but it fits the chart.

Finally, I am particularly concerned by signs of stress on the Ascendant, which represents your body and your immediate environment. Mars, with the Sun, is pushing its way into the 1st house. As you may know, Mars is the planet of force. It can show everything from zeal to stress to outright violence. The Sun increases its heat and volatility here. If Mars were in the 5th house, it would almost definitely signify miscarriage. Here, it may be be sending up a warning flare. But it could mean a number of other things, too: stressful arguments at home, lack of sleep, poor planning, a hormonal imbalance, inflammation. You get the picture. Or it may simply mean that you (or, quite possibly, your husband) are pushing too hard for a pregnancy. This can be counter-productive.

To sum up: I do suspect that there’s a problem that won’t go away on its own. I suggest that you see a specialist and, in the mean time, take steps to eliminate anything causing physical or mental stress. If you approach the situation with great patience and self-care, I am reasonably confident that you will conceive within the year.

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