When will the delivery arrive?

Background: I was expecting a large UPS delivery of perishables on Monday, February 1st. The huge winter storm the day before had created delays throughout the UPS system, and the package wasn’t delivered. Then, a second full day came and went. At this point, there was a real chance that I wouldn’t get the delivery at all. If the package didn’t arrive on Wednesday, it would have to be sent back undelivered. At a moment of considerable… irritation… it occurred to me that I could take it to the angels of horary. And so I did…

Question: When will the delivery arrive?

2 February 2011
9:22 PM EST +5:00
Long Beach, NY 73W39 40N35

Ascendant: 3 Libra 47
Moon: 13 Aquarius 50

Hour of: Moon – There is Planetary Hour agreement, as the Moon and Venus/1-ruler are of the same humoral nature (cool/moist).

My question was one of “when” with the understanding that the answer might be “not at all”.

Judgment: This is a chart where the Moon shows the major action. I, of course, am shown by a very cadent, void of course Venus in the 3rd house: at the end of my tether waiting for a delivery. Nice and descriptive. Venus is coming to the North Node, a symbol of increase. This is a good testimony. On the down side, Saturn is in the 1st exalted but retrograde. As I had no power to affect the timing of the delivery, I took Saturn to show my mood: on my high horse (exalted) and grumpy (retro). Again, this is good, in so far as it helps to validate the chart.

There is a duplication of sign on the 1st and 2nd house cusps – a minor argument that I’ll get my package.

But if we want to find timing, we have to find the package in the chart. Where is it? The 2nd house ruler and the 9th house (3rd of the 7th) are ruled by Venus, who is already in use as my personal significator.

This is one of those really very common charts in which it is not helpful to think of the Moon as the querent’s co-significator, as if the Moon were a “body double” for the querent. It can be that. But often it is more helpful to think of the Moon as the main agent of change in the chart, the signifier of the flow of events or simply “what’s on the move” (as in Lilly’s strayed cattle rules). In other words, keep the Moon a bit in soft focus until her precise role becomes clear. If I’m finding it difficult to “nail” the significator of the quesited, very often it will be the Moon. Like here. Simple.

The Moon is delightfully cazimi (yes, this works for the Moon) in Aquarius. This is both descriptive and promising. Descriptive: in a fixed, wintry sign, therefore stuck in a cold place. This is true, and good, as I need the food to stay frozen. Promising: The Lights, though under the earth, behold the Ascendant by a trine and apply, with reception, to a trine of Saturn in the 1st. What about the Moon cazimi: the package is in a safe place with a “friend” (Sun rules the 11th).

What shows the timing? Moon to the sextile of Venus. Now, I confess that this aspect is out of moiety, and it perfects out of sign. Can this be valid? Yes, if we keep the actual situation in view. The delivery day has ended. The truck has gone back to the yard. The package is in good hands, but there will be no further action until the next morning. In 6 degrees (6 symbolic hours), the Moon will take up a working application to Venus. This seems to me good enough to make things work out, especially given the Moon’s fortification in the heart of the Sun.

As for the Moon’s application to Mars, I do not see this as a prohibition. Mars is combust and too weak to interfere; and, in any event, Mars also shows movement and “push”, which is exactly what I need. Mars likewise rules the 3rd house of deliveries. That looks like a fine thing too.

The Moon will perfect her sextile to Venus when they are at 00:14 of their respective signs. At this point the Moon will have traveled 16 degrees and 25 minutes, or symbolically a rough 16 and 1/2 hours with a bit of drag because the Moon is slow.

When it comes to timing, Lilly advises us not to cut things too fine: 9:30 pm + 16 1/2 hours = 2 pm and change.

I wagered that the package would get to me at about 2:15 on Wednesday, February 3rd. It came at 2:22. Close enough for a huzzah.

An observation about the subjective side of this horary experience: as the expected hour drew nearer, I began to feel more and more certain that the package would arrive at the predicted time. It wasn’t an intuitive or “psychic” impression so much as a sensation that the event was precipitating in the air around me. It was a feeling of conviction. I was waiting by the door when the delivery man pulled up.

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Gary C February 14, 2011 at 4:00 pm

It’s so cool when these things happen, but sometimes we get the right church, but the wrong pew. I had a similar type horary about the arrival of a telephone repair man (6th house) and during the time frame that I had come up with from the horary, he CALLED me to tell me he was on his way, but did not actually arrive for about an hour and half later. I asked John Frawley about this, as he was my horary teacher, and he said, ‘in this case the chart showed contact between us, even though it didn’t actually show his physical arrival’. If I remember correctly the Moon was ruler of the 6th and I was shown by Saturn, lord of the asc., so the only timing factor I had to use was the application of the Moon to Saturn.

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