Will I be able to travel?

I had booked a flight to visit my partner, who lives out of state. Inconveniently, I was called to serve on a criminal trial jury two weeks before I was scheduled to leave town. The case was supposed to wrap up quickly. By Tuesday, however, the case hadn’t gotten very far, and I was worried that I would have to cancel my flight and rebook.

That night, I asked the question: “Will I be able to travel?”

Ascendant     14 Taurus 35
Moon              16 Leo 03
Hour of           Mars
Day of             Mars

My significator Venus and the Moon are appropriately placed in the Fifth House of pleasures and recreation. I was concerned about being able to enjoy my holiday as planned, without the downer of having to put more money into the trip (cancellation fees + new ticket). The Moon is operating, applying to the benefics Jupiter and Venus. On the negative side, Mars rules the Planetary Hour and does not agree with the Ascendant ruler Venus, so on a strict construction the chart is not radical. Yet, we do see that Mars sends a rather exact sextile to the Ascendant. He also occupies the 3rd house (of routine journeys, the topic of the question) and therefore adds to chart descriptiveness. Being in his Fall, Mars represents an interference in 3rd house affairs. Not a good start.

Me:  Ascendant at 14 Taurus 36 and Venus at 24 Leo 29 in the 5th House
Trip: 3rd House (routine travel) at 7 Cancer 37 and Moon/3-ruler at 16 Leo 03
Holiday: 5th House at 18 Leo 34 and Sun at 23 Virgo 18 in the 6th House
Trial/Judge: 10th House at 25 Capricorn 43 and Saturn at 24 Virgo 46

Testimonies for
None (alas!)

Testimonies against
(1) Moon’s conjunction with Venus/1-ruler prohibited by opposition of Jupiter retrograde. All in fixed signs.
(2) Sun/5-ruler applying to Saturn/10-ruler, in the 6th House of servitude.
(3) Mars in Fall damages the 3rd House.
(4) Part of Fortune weak in the 12th House, squared by its dispositor in Fall.
(5) South Node in the 4th House/end of the matter.
(6) Ascendant, Venus and Moon in fixed signs.

The chart accurately shows my approaching travel (Moon applies to Venus). But the Moon and Venus are in Leo, a fixed sign. This tells me that there is a “stuckness” about my situation.

Furthermore, the Moon will first meet with an opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius in the strong 11th House. Will he interfere in my plans? Let’s see.

Jupiter is the out-of-sect benefic (hence less favorably disposed to my situation). He is in honor of elevation, the only planet above the earth, retrograde, in a fixed sign (immoveable!) and ruler of the miserable 12th House (Things That Hold You Against Your Will). Jupiter is strong, resolute and unfortunate (for me!). He’ll almost certainly get in the way of the trip. A benefic, elevated, fixed interference: not a bad description of an unsympathetic trial judge.

The condition of my 5th House ruler, the Sun, confirms my fears. The Sun is weak, slow and on the cusp of the 6th House of servitude. He applies to Saturn, natural signifier of time-consuming duties. Saturn also rules the Midheaven, which generally rules the powers that be, in this case, the trial court or judge. I suppose that Saturn loses something by combustion, but the “No!” nevertheless comes through loud and clear.

The trial dragged on into the next week, and I did have to reschedule my trip, as the chart showed. The revised departure was 13 days after the chart (9/28). I have not, however, been able to find the timing in the chart. Perhaps one of my capable readers will see things more clearly.

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