Will we buy the house?

Querent: L.M.

Question: Will we buy the house?

Chart data:

9 March 2012
5:10 PM EST +5:00
40N35 73W40

Ascendant: 11 Virgo 37
Moon: 10 Libra 42

Background: We are looking at a house but seller is looking for too much money. Is this the house for us and will we buy it?


This is a perfect question for horary!

I set the chart for the time that I grasped the essence of the question.

It does seem to be a lovely house. Jupiter (8 Taurus), which signifies the property (4th house = 8 Sagittarius), is conjunct Venus – natural ruler of beautiful things – in her own sign Taurus. The 4th house cusp, which also represents the house, is basically unimpeded, except for a square of Mars in Virgo (broken plumbing, maybe, or an ugly kitchen?). Mercury trines the 4th house, a sign that you really do have your eye on the place. It would be a reasonably hospitable home for you (Jupiter in the terms and face of your significator Mercury). Still, I’d like to see a really strong mutual reception between Mercury and Jupiter, which would show enduring contentment. But this is lacking, and that seems problematic to me.

As for buying the house, the chart doesn’t look promising, unless you’re prepared to increase your offer. Jupiter (8 Taurus), who also represents both the seller (7th house = 11 Pisces), isn’t receiving any aspects from Mercury or the Moon. Things just aren’t coming together. Also, Mercury is housed just inside the 8th house, which governs the seller’s money, and is in opposition to your co-significator, the Moon, in the 2nd house (= your money). This says to me that the seller has the upper hand in the financial negotiations, putting you in a difficult position.

The royal fixed star Aldebaran is exactly conjunct the Midheaven, ruling the asking price. Aldebaran both elevates and exaggerates whatever it contacts. This confirms that the property, while really very good, isn’t as good as all that. It is indeed overpriced, as you say. But as the Midheaven is also damaged by the presence of the South Node (= impediments), the price is unlikely to come down by much.

Also very notable is the fact that Mars has come to an exact conjunction with the Ascendant, which shares in your personal signification. Mars, who tends to run hot, warns against being too hurried or carried away by a false urgency. Since Mars rules the 8th house – again, the seller’s money –, this also shows the burden posed by the seller’s aggressive financial posture.

The only way forward that I can see in the chart would be for you to offer more money. My reasoning: your significator Mercury, located in the 8th, is in a strong mutual reception with Mars, ruler of the 8th house (= seller’s money). This mutual reception allows Mars to represent Mercury’s interests, so to speak. Mars, in turn, applies to a friendly mutual trine with the seller’s significator Jupiter, bringing you and the seller together. But this happens only by acquiescing to the seller’s asking price – or something much closer to it than you are currently offering.

At the same time, your 2nd house ruler Venus applies to a forceful conjunction with Jupiter. Your financial situation appears to be good (Venus is very strong in Taurus). On the other hand, this also means that the seller will only respond to a very good offer.

Using mutual reception is a roundabout way to bring you and the seller together. Nevertheless, William Lilly uses something much like this maneuver (see Christian Astrology, pp. 456-7), as does Ebenezer Sibley (see A New and Complete Illustration, pp. 347-9). In fact, Sibley’s horary resolves a financial concern by means of a very similar mutual reception between Mercury and Mars.

Notwithstanding this loophole, I think the chart leans more toward “no” than “yes”. In addition to the aforementioned testimonies, the Moon is void of course in the 2nd house (= your money) , another sign that you will have to push to meet the seller’s demands. The fact that she will first reach a retrograde Saturn – natural ruler of obstacles – once she resumes application doesn’t bode well either. And, of course, in this kind of question, it’s always better to bring the significators of the buyer, seller and property together by a more direct and obvious route than is available here. In any event, Mercury is stationing retrograde. Given the balance of testimonies, it seems likely that, at the end of the day, you’re going to change your mind about the purchase anyway.

I hope that this horary will provide you with some helpful insights as you move forward. I wish you every success in your search for a new home.

Chris M.

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Lisa March 13, 2012 at 4:29 am

Thank you for that very inciteful reading. It confirmed some of our doubts and has facilitated our decision making. The house itself had a very poor finish. You mentioned that while the house was good it wasn’t great and had a possible problem. This was our biggest fear and my husband felt very uncomfortable with this issue. Your reading has confirmed the right to this fear. I also felt rushed with a sense of panic to buy the house as indicated also by your chart. This confirmation has made me question my motivation. You also mention the issue of the house not bringing contentment to us. This was an underlying fear for us also. The seller is indeed holding out for an unreasonable price which was overvalued, again as per your reading. I found this reading extremely helpful and quite accurate in its alerts. We had decided not to proceed with the house and your reading has brought closure to us that we have indeed made the right decision. Thank you very much.

Dr. Christopher Magnus March 13, 2012 at 8:49 am

I’m so happy to know that the horary helped to settle your mind. I very much appreciate your detailed comments about what you found most useful in the reading.

All good wishes,
Chris M.

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