Would I be happier in Austin?

The querent (S.K.B.) writes: In 2008 I consulted a relocation astrologer who said I should move to Perth, (west) Australia and if I couldn’t do that I should move to Lubbock Texas or anywhere along that longitude to have a better life. He said moving to Austin, TX was okay. Given that my whole life I have lived on the east coast Id like to know that if I move to Austin, TX, I will have more money (I have none) and property (I own nothing), security (I live in an unsafe area), a better career (I hate being a teacher), and real lasting love (I have never had a boyfriend or been married). I haven’t been able to move because I had a 2 year lease and no savings. Now my lease is coming up in 2011. I’d like to know if I should be able to still move to Austin, Texas and still have those things I want? Thank you.

Dear S.K.B.,

I’m sorry to learn of your unhappiness. It’s no fun when everything looks like a dead-end, and I sympathize with your search for a way out of this impasse.

Your question touches on a lot of issues – love, property, career, etc. –, more than we can manage in this setting. But we can really boil it all down to “Would I be happier in Austin than here?”

Happier in Austin?
8 September 2010
11:57:29 PM EDT +04:00
Long Beach, NY USA
73w39 30
40n35 18

I am usually skeptical about the power of a geographical change, in and of itself, to make one happier. The 12-Step movement calls that strategy “pulling a geographic,” and it’s rarely successful. But there’s no doubt that some places are a better “fit” than others – more opportunities, a climate that suits our temperament, or a vibe that just brings out the better angels of our nature. This is the case with the testimony of your horary. Austin does appear to be a more favorable place for you than your current home.

The chart encapsulates your current situation rather well. Gemini on the Ascendant with Mercury in its own sign Virgo describes your work as a teacher. Mercury is fittingly in the 4th house, where we locate matters relating to house, home and renting. And Mercury is retrograde and, like the Moon, under the sunbeams – two indicators that you are uncomfortable in your job and in your home and are reevaluating a lot of things. Saturn is exalted in Libra but sits exactly on your 5th house cusp; your responsibilities are time-consuming and make it hard for you to enjoy yourself. Venus separates from Mars in the 5th house. Both planets are debilitated, so I think that something has recently happened to stir up these bitter feelings about men that you have expressed.

Your question is a 1st and 7th house matter. It’s as if you’re standing on your rooftop (1st house) trying to glimpse the distant lay of the land (7th house).  The 1st house (25 Gemini 54) and its ruler Mercury (retrograde at 6 Virgo 25 near the 4th house cusp) represent your present situation. Austin is represented by what’s on the other side of the chart: the 7th house (25 Sagittarius 54) and its ruler Jupiter (retrograde at 00 Aries 00 working for the 11th house).

Among the first things I notice about the chart is its heaviness. Six of the seven classical planets are below the horizon. And Mercury (= your current location) and the Moon (= you personally) are both in the 4th house, the low point of the chart. The only planet above the horizon is Austin’s signifier Jupiter. Quite literally, with Jupiter, things are looking up. Horary can be wonderfully literal!

Mercury and Jupiter are both retrograde. Nevertheless, in spite of being in his own sign, Mercury is the weaker of the two, attracting only 2 points using William Lilly’s scoring method. But Jupiter gets 18 points and is about to gain in dignity by moving back into his own domicile Pisces. This, too, is a strong argument favoring Austin.

Finally, the South Node afflicts the 1st house (here) while the North Node graces the 7th house (there) – a classic testimony in this sort of question. Again, Austin wins.

It does look like Austin would be quite a bit better a place for you than where you now live. Honestly, I’m surprised by the clarity and abundance of testimonies. In these sort of questions, the chart usually says that “there” won’t really be so very different from “here”. Looks like your relocational astrologer was right after all.

But will you actually decide to move? There are several chart factors – mutable signs on the angles (houses 1, 4, 7, & 10), Moon applying to oppose Jupiter, Moon applying to conjoin Saturn – that make me think you might feel too uncertain of the future to uproot yourself. That’s understandable. You have many ties to your current situation, and you may feel more secure with the devil you know than the angel you don’t.

But as they say, nothing changes if nothing changes. Even if moving to Austin is more hypothetical than a real possibility, I wish you all the best in making the changes that will take you where you really want to go in life.

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SKB September 10, 2010 at 10:45 pm

Thanks for the reading, Dr. Magnus. I really appreciate it. Believe it I am actually rearranging my budget to support my move in June 2011 when my lease is up. I am so tired of nothing changing or going well, but I understand all too well the “devil I know” because I’ve been “listening” to his advice for the past 40 years. I have never left the east coast!

I was hoping to wait until after I applied to the graduate program in speech language pathology at a college in NJ (I actually am living in NJ not Long Beach, NY) to make a move or not but now that there is horary support for the move to Austin I’ll see if I can go to school in or near Austin. I can’t be a teacher any more.

Anyway, thanks again for the reading. I hope to consult you again because I like how clear your reading was.


Dr. Christopher Magnus September 11, 2010 at 7:43 am

Hello SKB,

Great! I’m very glad to hear that you are making definite plans for a new chapter in your life.

As for the chart being set for Long Beach, that’s where I am. In traditional horary, we set the chart for the astrologer’s location instead of the querent’s.

All good wishes!

Dr. Chris Magnus

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